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"A state of emergency does not help our economic vitality at all."

DeSantis dismisses call for a red tide state of emergency

"Governor DeSantis, originally credited with calling for the task force on his campaign trail, has largely ignored their recommendations." 

Blue-Green Algae Task Force meets for first time since 2020

“Conserving lands for future generations is vital to our state’s environmental heritage.”

Florida Forever becomes Florida never in the hands of the Legislature

 “I am throwing a lot of money at some of the problems.”

Florida DEP’s handling of wetland permits has become a colossal ‘Charlie Foxtrot’

“We have a lot of money at our disposal.” 

Florida manatee deaths soar as polluted water kills seagrass

"All residents impacted should heed local evacuation orders."

DeSantis to meet with Manatee officials over dangerous retention pond leak

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